About Us

Exore LTD stands as a paragon in the intricate realm of software development. Founded by Yury Nemets and Artem Udot in 2017 with a strategic blend of abstraction and concurrency, we specialize in developing web and mobile applications from their nascent idea stage to robust functioning solutions. Our sophisticated approach ensures that every detail is meticulously addressed, setting a new benchmark in the fast-paced decision-making business world.

Passionately serving diverse sectors including real estate, healthcare, and education, our client-focused approach has led us to be hailed as the outsourced Chief Technology Officers by many. This distinction is credited to our unwavering commitment to solving complex challenges and our ability to deliver detailed-oriented solutions. Our portfolio features projects uniquely tailored for esteemed clients spread across prosperous nations such as the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and many other countries across Europe.

At the heart of Exore is a team of 15 professionals – a synergy of developers, designers, project managers, and lead generators. We pride ourselves on operating without intermediaries like page builders; instead, we harness the capabilities of frameworks like ReactJS for frontend development and Laravel or NodeJS for backend solutions. We ensure that our offerings cater to ambitious startups and established businesses alike.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to transparency, trust, truth, and open communication. As we steer towards the future, we are enthusiastic about expanding our web and mobile development verticals and delving deeper into artificial intelligence integrations, signifying our dynamic adaptability. Whether you’re looking to build from scratch or seeking strategies for AI implementation, Exore LTD remains your reliable partner, poised to transform your vision into tangible business solutions.

We cordially invite you to explore our extensive case studies and embark on a journey of transformation with us. With Exore, you’re not just securing a service, but forging a partnership rooted in trust and excellence.