Reviews From Our Clients

Troy Lilly
Owner, Athletic Recruitment Company
Already made back my money in 26 days with more customers.

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What were the measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?
  • 100% user satisfaction: every single customer of ours using this loves it. It absolutely does what we wanted and without issues.
  • 100% admin satisfaction: our employees find updating the data and managing users to be infinitely more improved.
  • new customers: within the first month of its release, we have gotten six new clients who specifically reference the new look and features of the application as a reason for their purchase of our service
Describe their project management. Did they deliver items on time? How did they respond to your needs?
I was a demanding client. They kept everything incredibly organized and always stayed on schedule. I was always adding in new things, and they made sure that the changes were made while also keeping me aware of the effects on the overall schedule. I never had to worry about anything.

What was your primary form of communication with Exore LTD?
  • In-Person Meeting
  • Email or Messaging App
What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?
Their adaptiveness and overall skill. I truly believe there is nothing I could ask them that they could not create. And, their attitude of always being ready to fluidly change the direction or feature made my life so easy. I pretty much just had to think of what I wanted, and they made it happen.

Are there any areas for improvement or something Exore LTD could have done differently?
It truly is hard for me to think of anything that they could have done better. In the spirit of trying to help them, I can say one thing on my end that was tricky at the beginning was getting used to all of this project management software like slack or Asana.
That really isn’t in their scope as developers, but I think I could have been a more effective client at the beginning if I understood the threads, where to navigate to files, etc. out of the gate. And let me confirm that this was not really a problem at all!
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Tom Ta
CEO of Part Line LLC

Thanks to Exore LTD’s efforts, the MVP product was successfully launched. The team delivered the project on time and met all the needs in a systematic manner. The client also praised the team’s knowledge of current technology and cohesiveness, which were impressive traits of their work. They always delivered on time and met all our needs in an orderly fashion. Communication was always on time and open. The overall knowledge of current technology, the expertise of each team member, and cohesiveness were very impressive.

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Chris Kelly
Founder of ExactHealthcare

Adhered to the weekly sprint schedule and completed tasks to everyone’s satisfaction. Followed the design and thoughtfully considered edge cases that we had not. Created a web application that performed and responded beautifully. Would hire again!

Outstanding work completed on time and within budget. Highly recommend for any web development project.

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Raphael Druet
Founder of PICnFIND

First of all, congratulations and thanks to you and your team for bringing this project to the end.

I’ll be completely honest, there were positives and negatives too.

As far as the negative points are concerned, the two main ones were the delay of several months, which put us in a very difficult situation in terms of communication but above all in financial terms.

The second negative point was that the finished product didn’t quite correspond to the mock-up we had made together, and there were several functions that didn’t appear in the final application, such as the ability to change subscriptions.

On the positive side, the most important thing was that the Exore team went right to the end of the project and didn’t let us down. Exore team kept your promises and respected the contract we had signed together. I know the effort they made to work without billing us in order to honour your commitment, and for that alone, thank you and well done!
What’s more, I’d like to emphasise Vladimir’s (project manager) reliability and professionalism. He always responded very quickly and was very efficient.

So despite a few negative points, congratulations on your work and a very big thank you, I’m very happy to have worked with you and I hope to be able to continue to do so by improving the application and the Admin Panel. I’ll be sure to recommend you.

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