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Discovery Phase For Your Project To Save Time And Budget

Discovery Phase For Your Project To Save Time And Budget

How It Will Save Budget And Time?

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    Developers will be able to create very precise estimation

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    Dev team will clear understand your idea and will be on the same page

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    It will be possible to avoid miscommunication during the development

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    Very easy to implement new ideas and change the flow during the development

Our Discovery Process

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    Our business analyst gathers all information about your project, looking looking for different alternatives, discuss it with you, and creates a first detailed description of the future product.

    At this stage, we analyze your competitors and similar projects to identify how your product will help your target audience who will use the platform.

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    A business analyst works very closely with a designer to create a detailed version of wireframes.
    It is very important to visualize all flows, and connections between different sections, and create the right UX for users.

    This stage is more about sketching than designing in colors. It should be gray-scale and we focus on the functionality side of the platform.

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    As a final step business analyst creates project documentation with a detailed explanation of how each feature works and is linked.

    Usually, project documentation includes:

    • Functionalities
    • Definitions
    • Models
    • Nice-to-have features

Our Clients

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Ready To Get Started With Discovery Phase?

Request a call and we will show you how to save budget using the discovery phase, prevent pitfalls during the development and be sure a dev team is on the same page.