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Babysitting Services Platform

Web app
6 months
Man hours
615 hours
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Client And Business Goals


Our client, a Portugal-based company providing babysitting services, wanted to transform their existing website into a web application that would allow their clients to book services and communicate directly with babysitters through their accounts. The goal was to streamline the booking process and improve communication between clients and babysitters, ultimately helping the company to grow and expand its reach in the market.

The Challenge


The client had a design in Figma, but no project documentation, and the project had a limited budget. Our challenge was to develop a web application that met the client’s requirements while staying within budget constraints. We needed to ensure that the platform was user-friendly and intuitive, with clear navigation and efficient booking processes. Additionally, we needed to provide a secure and reliable platform to protect the clients and their customer’s sensitive data.

The Solution


Our team worked closely with the client to understand their needs and develop a custom web application that met their requirements. We used agile methodologies to ensure that we could adapt to any changes or requests throughout the project’s development. Our team also created project documentation to ensure the client had a clear understanding of the platform’s functionality and features. We implemented strict security protocols to ensure the protection of the client’s data.

The result was a user-friendly web application that allowed the client to grow their business and improve communication with their customers.

Review From the Owner

Working with Yury and all his team was very good. During the 6 months that we worked together we learnt a lot from them. We worked well as a team, communication was easy and fluid, timings were always defined as we moved forward with the project and were adhered to. We felt a lot of support from the team, who always listened to our wishes, needs and were able to listen to our opinions. With the help of Yury we managed to achieve our goal of having an APP that will allow us to grow even more as a company.

We recommend a lot Yury Team!

Margarida Menezes Founder of BabySisters


  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Stripe



Key features in the app

  • Authorization
  • Registration
  • "Forgot password" feature
  • Personal profiles: client, babysitter, admin
  • Matching algorithm to suggest babysitters for clients based on parameters
  • Bookings: ability to edit, see details, leave a rating, ability to cancel
  • Multi-language
  • Web chat between clients and babysitters
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