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AI Marketplace For French Antiques Market

Mobile App
6 months
Man hours
465 hours
Desktop mockup

Client and Business Goals


Our client, targeting the French market, sought to create a cutting-edge marketplace for antiques using visual recognition technology. The primary objective was to provide a platform where buyers and sellers could connect, leveraging visual recognition to facilitate item discovery and matching.

The client aimed to improve upon their existing app, which had become unreliable, by redeveloping it for both iOS and Android platforms. Their goal was to enhance the user experience, streamline the buying and selling process, and establish a robust marketplace for antique enthusiasts.

The Challenge


With detailed wireframes but no project documentation or design in place, our challenge was to transform the client’s vision into a functional and visually appealing mobile application. We needed to ensure seamless integration of visual recognition technology for accurate item identification. Additionally, we had to address any performance issues present in the old app and deliver a reliable and user-friendly platform. All of this had to be accomplished within the constraints of a limited budget.

The Solution


Starting with the design phase, our team collaborated closely with the client to translate wireframes into a comprehensive and intuitive mobile app design.

We incorporated visual recognition technology to enable efficient item discovery and matching for buyers and sellers. Our development process included creating detailed project specifications and ensuring clarity and alignment on all features and functionalities.

Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development, we built the marketplace app for both iOS and Android platforms, focusing on optimizing performance and delivering a seamless user experience. The end result was a revamped marketplace app that exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a reliable platform for antique enthusiasts to connect, buy, and sell with ease. Despite the limited budget, we successfully delivered a high-quality solution that met the client’s business goals.

Founder of PICnFIND

First of all, congratulations and thanks to you and your team for bringing this project to the end.

I’ll be completely honest, there were positives and negatives too.

As far as the negative points are concerned, the two main ones were the delay of several months, which put us in a very difficult situation in terms of communication but above all in financial terms.

The second negative point was that the finished product didn’t quite correspond to the mock-up we had made together, and there were several functions that didn’t appear in the final application, such as the ability to change subscriptions.

On the positive side, the most important thing was that the Exore team went right to the end of the project and didn’t let us down. Exore team kept your promises and respected the contract we had signed together. I know the effort they made to work without billing us in order to honour your commitment, and for that alone, thank you and well done!
What’s more, I’d like to emphasise Vladimir’s (project manager) reliability and professionalism. He always responded very quickly and was very efficient.

So despite a few negative points, congratulations on your work and a very big thank you, I’m very happy to have worked with you and I hope to be able to continue to do so by improving the application and the Admin Panel. I’ll be sure to recommend you.

Raphael Druet Founder of PICnFIND


  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • React Native

    React Native

  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Stripe



Key features in the app

  • Registration
  • Authorization
  • "Forgot password" feature
  • Search by a photo
  • Matching algorithm
  • Chat
  • Personal profile
  • Payment feature (using Stripe)
  • Admin dashboard to manage items
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Yury Nemets

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Yury Nemets

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