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Custom Development for Real Estate Industry (AI, APIs, MLS)

Custom Development for Real Estate Industry (AI, APIs, MLS)

Benefits of Custom Software Development for Real Estate Businesses

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    Custom software ensures that your real estate platform integrates seamlessly with AI tools, MLS systems, and other necessary APIs

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    Dive deep into the core of real estate operations, identifying gaps, redundancies, and opportunities

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    With custom development, your platform can be tailored to offer unique user experiences that match the preferences and requirements of your target audience

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    As the real estate market evolves, so will your software needs. Custom solutions are built with scalability in mind, ensuring your platform can handle increased demands

The Real Estate Project Creation Journey:

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    Discovery & Consultation

    We begin by understanding your unique real estate challenges and requirements. This phase involves comprehensive consultations, market analysis, and identification of technology needs specific to the real estate sector.

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    Design & Prototyping

    Translate your requirements into a tangible model. This step involves crafting user interfaces, defining user experiences, and developing prototypes that showcase the look and feel of the final product.

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    Development & Integration

    Our team dives deep into coding, ensuring the software aligns with the pre-defined specifications. We also integrate the necessary AI tools, MLS systems, and APIs to enhance functionality.

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    Testing & Quality Assurance

    Rigorous testing ensures that the platform is bug-free and performs seamlessly. We carry out multiple test runs, ensuring data integrity, responsiveness, and overall user experience are up to the mark.

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    Deployment & Support

    Once satisfied, we deploy the solution, making it live for your audience. But our relationship doesn’t end there. We offer continued support, updates, and optimizations to ensure your platform remains relevant and efficient.

Marketplace for real estate investment properties

Our client is a 12-year experienced real estate player in the European market. Our mission was to bridge the gap between real estate brokers and potential property investors by providing a one-stop platform that connects them both. Currently, there is no such solution available in the market that offers a comprehensive approach to property investment.

The app is nearly complete thanks to his guidance and introduction to the right developers for this job. We worked with a team of 4 but communication was made easy because I only need to have weekly meetings with Yury and he would transfer the information to the right developer. This surely took a load off my back.

 Cliff Vandeneynde
Cliff Vandeneynde
Founder of Brikk
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