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CRM / Marketplace for real estate investment properties

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6 months
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Client And Business Goals


Our client is a 12-year experienced real estate player in the European market. Our mission was to bridge the gap between real estate brokers and potential property investors by providing a one-stop platform that connects them both. Currently, there is no such solution available in the market that offers a comprehensive approach to property investment.

We aim to create a standalone platform that allows real estate investors to browse private property listings, connect with brokers, and store all their property-related information in one place. Our goal is to onboard 90% of real estate agencies in Europe to make our platform the go-to destination for real estate investment.

Currently, potential real estate investors have to go through a lot of manual work, such as searching for real estate brokers in different locations, making numerous phone calls, and communicating with brokers via various channels like email, Skype, or chat apps. There is no centralized platform available to store and manage property-related information, leading to fragmented data and disorganized documentation stored in different places like Google Drive or personal computers.

The Challenge


We were tasked to develop a multilingual platform for the EU real estate market. Our objective was to integrate the platform with four major real estate portals in Belgium, and to enable it to calculate important metrics such as ROI, income, and costs.

Our team estimated that the project would take six months to complete. Throughout the development process, we improved upon the initial project idea, upgrading some of the modules to make them more sophisticated. This required an additional 1.5 months, but we were able to finish the project on time thanks to our use of the Laravel framework and our team’s expertise in custom web development for the real estate industry.

Although the client provided Adobe XD wireframes, we found them difficult to work with. We took the initiative to create wireframes that were more user-friendly for both clients and real estate brokers, resulting in a more streamlined UI and a better user experience.

Given the client’s lack of technical skills and web development experience, we took on the role of a CTO and provided technical guidance throughout the project.

The Solution


We developed a scalable and customized platform for our client using PHP and JS frameworks, based on our team’s expertise in web development. Our approach involved creating a detailed project roadmap and dividing the project into 5 phases, with a team of 4 members assigned to the project: a backend developer, a frontend developer, a designer, and a project manager.

To ensure a successful outcome, we maintained regular communication with the client through weekly meetings, where we demonstrated our progress, prioritized tasks, and adjusted our plans accordingly.

By utilizing the Time & Material approach, we saved the client 18% of their budget while still delivering the project on time. The client was satisfied with the results and expressed interest in continuing to work with us to further upgrade the platform’s functionality and profitability for their business.

Review From the Owner

I met Yury on Upwork at the end of last year and worked with him for half a year on a CRM-based website. The reason I choose to work with him is his passion for the job which fully came to life in his well-structured offer.

The app is nearly complete thanks to his guidance and introduction to the right developers for this job. We worked with a team of 4 but communication was made easy because I only need to have weekly meetings with Yury and he would transfer the information to the right developer. This surely took a load off my back.

As already promised I will continue working with him and his company for future projects.

I wish him all the best and thank him for all the nice talks we had.


Cliff Vandeneynde Founder of Brikk


  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Facebook


  • Google Maps

    Google Maps

  • Stripe


Watch a short video about the project

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Key features in the app

  • Subscription plans (Stripe integration)
  • Chat between clients and consultants
  • Authorization/registration using Google or Facebook
  • Personal profile for each user role (client, consultant, manager)
  • Ability for a manager to add consultants in the company profile
  • Email notifications
  • Property invitation system between clients and consultants
  • Multilingual functionality: English, French and Netherland
  • Search, sorting, filtering the data in tables
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