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ERP/CRM for Fashion Agencies

Web app
10 months
Man hours
4060 hours

Client And Business Goals


Our client asked us to develop a web platform to optimize day-to-day tasks for fashion agencies and their staff, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations.

By leveraging technology to automate and optimize various processes, the platform will allow agencies to manage their schedules, models, and client communication more efficiently.

The platform should provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for staff to manage tasks and collaborate with each other. By streamlining their operations, fashion agencies can potentially increase their productivity, reduce their costs, and improve their customer service.

The Challenge


Our challenge was to develop a CRM platform for model agencies. The goal was to create a modern and intuitive interface that would make all routine operations easy for any employee in the model agency. The platform also needed to have a subscription module with a billing portal.

At the beginning of the project, our client had a clear vision of what they wanted the platform to achieve, but they didn’t have any wireframes or designs to guide the development process. To address this challenge, our team worked closely with the client to create a detailed project plan that would guide our development efforts.

Once we had a plan in place, our team focused on developing the major features of the platform. We ensured that the interface was user-friendly and that all key operations could be performed quickly and easily. We also implemented a subscription module with a billing portal to help streamline the payment process.

After we completed the major features, our client planned to demonstrate the CRM to potential clients and gather feedback. This feedback would be used to improve the platform and ensure that it met the needs of its target audience. We are proud to have been part of this project and to have helped our client achieve their business goals.

The Solution


To start the development of the CRM platform for model agencies, we decided to create wireframes as the first step. This allowed our client to visualize the web interface and how different pages will be linked together.

After the wireframes, we proceeded to create the design. The first version of the design featured a green color scheme. With this design, we began the development process using Agile methodology. This allowed us to work in small iterations and improve the product based on feedback while being flexible to changes.

The development process was a significant milestone, taking more than 9 months to complete. We focused on creating a user-friendly platform with features such as general operations (adding models, editing client and agency information), a reporting system, and chat features.

During the development process, our client had numerous meetings with potential clients. This helped us identify the most important features to include in the CRM platform and use our time effectively.

Overall, we delivered a better platform than initially envisioned, and the client was pleased with our work. We enjoyed working with Marco and Stefano and look forward to more successful collaborations in the future.


  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Google Maps

    Google Maps

  • Stripe


Watch a short video about the project

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Key features in the app

  • Calendar feature (booking functionality)
  • Model's catalog (add, edit, delete models)
  • Search, filter in the catalog
  • Ability to create books and packages
  • Rating for models, clients, agencies
  • Catalog for clients and agencies
  • Chat feature
  • Reports (analytics)
  • Microsites - ability to create personal websites on subdomains
  • Subscription model
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