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Options Platform for Real Estate Companies

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Client And Business Goals


The client’s goal was to develop a platform that would provide buyers with a comprehensive list of properties that sellers want to offer. The platform would enable buyers to find suitable properties and make bids on them. The primary objective was to assist real estate agencies in efficiently connecting property owners with potential buyers while reducing the time and effort required by employees when working with new clients.

The Challenge


The challenge was to develop a real estate platform that connects buyers and sellers, with an automated bidding system. The platform required three user roles: buyer, seller, and administrator.

Buyers needed to have access to all active properties listed by sellers. The platform needed to allow buyers to submit bids to sellers, and sellers should be able to review and accept bids, leading to the signing of a contract.

In addition, an administrator dashboard was required, allowing the admin to approve new users (sellers and buyers), as well as all added properties.

The client provided simple low-fidelity wireframes, and the project had a limited budget.

The Solutiuon


To ensure the successful implementation of the project, we created a detailed specification that outlined the idea and provided comprehensive details to the development team. We also developed a sitemap to visualize the relationships between all the sections.

To execute this project, we assembled a team consisting of a designer, backend developer, frontend developer, DevOps specialist, and project manager.

During the development process, we worked closely with the client and implemented changes based on their feedback while staying within the initial budget.


  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Google Maps

    Google Maps


Key features in the app

  • Registration, authorization, forgot password
  • Administrator dashboard with ability to manage users and properteies
  • Ability to add properties
  • Ability to send bids for a property
  • Ability to generate template for a contract
  • Ability to sign the contract for a seller and for a buyer
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