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Personalized keto meal plan with 2500+ keto recipes

Web app
4 months
Man hours

Client And Business Goals


A US-based nutrition company specializing in Keto Diet is seeking to streamline its workflow and improve its services by creating a web platform for its customers.

By automating routine tasks, such as payments and reminders, the platform aims to reduce the workload for nutritionists, allowing them to work with more clients in a shorter period of time. With over 6 years of experience in the nutrition sphere, the company understands the needs of its clients and is committed to delivering a high-quality platform that will benefit both the customers and the business.

The Challenge


The client approached us with a tight deadline of 4 months to build a web platform that automates routine tasks for their nutritionists and streamlines the payment process for their customers. The client did not have wireframes or designs, but they had extensive knowledge of the keto diet sphere. However, they lacked experience working with development teams.

To build the platform, we had to create a scrapper to fetch keto meals from a source website as there was no existing database. Despite these challenges, our team was able to deliver the project within the given timeframe.

The Solution


The client chose to partner with our team due to our extensive experience in developing similar projects and our in-depth knowledge of the nutrition industry, particularly the Keto Diet.

We delivered an end-to-end solution by creating wireframes, and designs, developing all the necessary functionalities, integrating Keto Diet algorithms, configuring the server, and deploying the final product.

Additionally, we developed a script to gather all the keto meal information from a source website to streamline the meal planning process for users.

To ensure effective communication and alignment, we held weekly calls and maintained daily communication through Slack.

Despite the challenge of accommodating changes to the Keto Diet algorithm during development, our team was able to handle the additional tasks and deliver the project within the strict 4-month timeline.

As a result of our work, the client successfully launched the website on time and plans to continue working with us to improve and enhance the platform’s features and functionality.


  • PHP


  • WordPress


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Javascript



  • Stripe


  • PayPal


  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

  • Mailchimp


  • Twilio


Watch a short video about the project

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Key features in the app

  • PHP script to grab data from the website
  • Registration/Authorization (auto-registration after payment)
  • Personal user account
  • Payment methods (integration with Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal)
  • SMS notifications (Twilio integration)
  • Email subscription (Mailchimp integration)
  • Search to replace the recipe in daily plan
  • Upsells after the checkout page
  • Ability to print grocery list for 1-2 weeks
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