Technical task for sales development representative (SDR)

Job posting example:

Automotive Marketplace Website

For our new project we need skilled and experienced developers and designers for an Automotive marketplace for the Arabic countries.

The platform needs to be at least in the English and Arabic language (translations for Arabic can be delivered by us). We also need mobile Apps for the platform.

2 good examples of what we are looking for are and

A database for all cars can be accessed by JATO Dynamics. Please look into this too.

Please send us similar big name projects you have worked on with proof-of-work for verification.

This project will probably need at least 2 developers, if you have a team already – that’s good.

We are not interested in any WordPress or existing CMS solutions. We need our own individual platform (front- & backend need to be UX/UI friendly)

The budget of $30,000 USD is a maximum of our budget range, please make us a good offer as well.

Add please two dots at the end of your last sentence to understand you are a real person.

Location: Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Upwork client’s history: 1 job posted, 0% hire rate, 1 open job

Our cases and information about our company:

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2. Real Estate CRM for Professionals

3. ERP/CRM for Fashion Agencies

4. Options Platform for Real Estate Companies